Since incorporation in 1977, Midland has played a role in such projects as the night vision goggles used in Desert Storm, the space shuttle missions, the Hubble Space Telescope, and innovations in heart valve surgery. In addition, the company has developed, manufactured and patented the Ergonomic Three Axis Positioner, a specialized tool currently being used by firms such as Olympus and Canon, which enables computer chip manufacturers to more effectively build and inspect their product.

Midland Precision's customers range from space system contractors and jet engine turbine manufacturers, to computer chip designers and producers; and industries from agriculture and petroleum refining to medical research.

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Aerospace solenoid components

Aerospace compressor

Bellows assembly, semiconductor equipment

Aerospace gimbal

Aerospace fan rotor
two-piece assembly

reflector components

Broach Fixture for turbine
disk broaching operation

Pinball Gage used for
inspection of turbine

Slot Adapter used
for inspection of
broached disks

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